Edmonton, Alberta, July 11, 2008 – Titan Logix Corp., (TSX Venture: TLA), is planning the launch of its Deice-Stik™ (patent pending) in the fall of 2008 for commercial use in the aviation service industry. The Deice-Stik™ is the central component of an advanced solution for accurately monitoring, controlling, and reporting the application of deicing and anti-icing fluid from a deicing truck onto an aircraft.

The aviation service industry currently relies on mechanical equipment, typically not very accurate and often very expensive to maintain. With an exorbitant rise in aviation costs such as fueling and ground services (including the cost of propylene and ethylene glycol, the main components of deicing and anti-icing fluid) there is a growing need for a better solution.

“Fluid level/volume is accurately measured using radar signal analysis. One button control of automatic batch calculations and tank volume measurements makes the Deice-Stik™ ideal for inventory management. The Deice-Stik™ is the central component in Titan’s vision to provide a total asset management solution,” states Greg McGillis, PEng, EE, Titan’s Vice President of Engineering and Business Development.

Field trials of Titan’s new guided wave radar technology began in 2008. In partnership with a major U.S. air carrier, initial field trials using prototypes, in this specialty application segment of the aviation services industry have confirmed the design. Major players among deicer truck fabricators are enthusiastic about Titan’s developments.

About Titan Logix Corp.:

Titan Logix Corp. is an advanced technology industrial instrumentation and controls company. We focus on designing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing instrumentation and automation solutions. These are primarily for the oil and gas and transportation industries. For many years, these industries have relied on manual intervention. However, the need has arisen for automation, which has accelerated the demand for our products.

Titan is the North American leader in guided wave radar (GWR) liquid level measurement and control in mobile tankers. Guided wave radar uses the principle of Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR). A pulse is ‘launched’ by a transmitter, down a probe in a mobile tanker carrying liquid. The pulse reflects off the surface of the liquid and returns back up the probe to the receiver electronics. The total ‘flight’ time of the pulse is computed to a high level of accuracy thus calculating the liquid level/volume. Guided wave radar technology is the basis of Titan’s TD80™ products, which have been in use in mobile tankers in the oil and gas, chemical and aviation industries since 1999.

Titan’s vision is to be the global market share leader in advanced mobile tank level measurement, control and asset management while growing its market interests in burner management and level gauging.

Detailed information on Titan Logix Corp. is available on the company’s website www.titanlogix.com

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