TD80 Dual Rod

Available Options: 4-20mA output, acid probe

The TD 80 uses radar to measure the liquid level, then converts this measurement into useable units and sends the information to a display or monitoring unit. A high-speed digital pulse is launched from the TD 80 radar circuitry in the transmitter head, which travels down the probe. This pulse reflects off the surface of the liquid and returns back up the probe to the electronics. The total "flight" time of the pulse (to the liquid and back) is then determined, and thus the level is measured. This measurement is converted into a digital signal transmitted via the SV Bus communication wires from the transmitter to the display(s).

The TD 80 Level Transmitter is the heart of the TD 80 level measurement system. The Transmitter is mounted in the tank in a 1" NPT fitting at the top, with a cone anchor at the bottom. 

Liquid level may be displayed in volume or linear units. Three built-in alarm points are available to alert the operator of Fill, High-High or Spill conditions. 

Utilizing no moving parts, this revolutionary technology provides exceptionally safe, reliable and accurate level measurement and spill prevention in a wide variety of liquids and applications.

  • No float or moving parts
  • High accuracy level measurement
  • Safe and reliable environmental spill prevention
  • Straightforward installation
  • Ease of service: Not required to enter the tank
  • Highest quality, rugged, modular industrial design
  • CSA & NRTL/C Approved for hazardous area installations
  • Wide range corrosive resistance
  • Self cleaning probe
  • Excellent protection of electronics from moisture
  • Not affected by dielectric constant
  • Not affected by changes in liquid density
  • Can be installed in some existing fittings
  • PC based programming of display values in any units to the shape of the tank (i.e. depth chart)
  • Data retained without requiring a battery
  • Excellent performance at low temperatures
  • Static electricity protection
  • Multiple displays with one transmitter
  • Multiple transmitters with one display
  • Wide range of liquids and applications
  • Sour Service,
  • Crude Oil, Waste, Water transport
  • Jet Fuel
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Hydrochloric, Sulphuric acid
  • Xylene, toluene, Methanol