About Us

At Titan Logix, we’re here to accelerate your business forward. Since 1979, we’ve created data management technology that helps industries across North America thrive.

About Us

We’re transforming trucking

For over 25 years, Titan Logix Corp. has designed and manufactured advanced measurement solutions to help businesses reduce risk and maximize efficiencies in bulk liquid transportation.

Titan’s TD Series of tank level monitors are a market leader in mobile fluid measurement and are known for their high level of accuracy, rugged design, and solid-state reliability. Our solutions are designed for hazardous and non-hazardous applications, and we serve customers in a wide range of applications including petroleum, environmental solutions, chemical, and agriculture

Why Titan Logix

With the right technology, your drivers can come home safe and sound to their families and loved ones, each and every day. Our data arms you with powerful insights to boost your efficiency, safety, and profitability.

It’s time to reimagine fleet operations

Consider the impact of a minor spill from your trucks. One incident may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in recovery.

Our data creates a more reliable, safe, and secure workflow process. You can reduce the risk of incidents at a fraction of the potential cost of a spill.

The Leader in Mobile Liquid Measurement Solutions

Our complete overfill prevention solution incorporates highly accurate liquid level measurement, paired with alarms and software integration options, making it the most trusted and fail-safe system on the market today.

The Leader in Mobile Liquid Measurement Solutions:

  1.  Pump Control
  2. Valve Control
  3. Rack Control


Our values speak to the culture we create. We love what we do, and it shows in the remarkable technology we design. We’re on a mission to bring secure, accurate, and reliable data to you.


We encourage our team members to engage their curiosity, to experience new things, to discover. The greatest of discoveries and inventions come from curiosity.


Those that innovate, find solutions. We promote a can-do attitude. We look for this in all stakeholders, staff, partners, customers, and suppliers.


Collaboration is how we solve complex problems. Those who have the spirit of teamwork are those we want to work with. We are greater than the sum of our parts. Through collaboration, we create solutions.


Failure is what makes us better. We own our failures, then celebrate the successes that rise from them.

Our History

Over the past 40 years, our disruptive technology has transformed us into an industry leader that evolves how businesses transport their goods.


Incorporated as Marilyn Gold Mines Inc.; Victoria, BC


Changed name to Titan Resources Ltd.


Changed name to Golden Titan Resources Ltd.


Amalgamated with Dynamic Endeavors Inc and became Titan Pacific Resources. Traded on VSE under symbol TPZ.


Acquisition of Grimes Manufacturing - level measurement and control products; Lampman, SK


Acquisition of Resource Tank Gauge - mechanical level gauges; Edmonton, AB

Acquisition of Photonic Gauge Systems - fluid measurement devices; Edmonton, AB


Acquisition of Nagy Burner Control - industrial burner controls; Edmonton, AB


Acquisition of Alberta Industrial Technologies - drilling fluid monitoring; Edmonton, AB

Prairie Creek Mine in the Nahanni Mining District, NWT, no longer operational and physical assets written off

TD80 guided wave radar liquid level gauge launched to tank truck customers


Acquisition of Sherrex Systems - industrial instrumentation; Edmonton, AB


Name change to Titan Logix Corp. (TPZ delisted) and trading as TLA began (July)


Working interests in petroleum properties in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC sold off


Interest in the mine was sold


Opened Kansas, USA branch


Permanent exit from industrial burner control offerings


Closed Lampman, SK branch and sold related level gauging and control technologies


Release of Titan Gateway (providing connection to the internet and cloud technology for Titan’s TD100 and other edge sensor technologies)