The Titan TD Series has a long and strong history in the Aviation Industry around the globe.

The TD Series RCM (Rack Control Module) eliminates the need for unreliable optical or thermistor-based rack control systems and is fully compatible with terminal overfill prevention systems by Scully, Civacon and others.

Titan TD Series features: 

  • Low level monitoring to prevent dangerous conditions caused by low tank levels and pump cavitation 
  • Compatibility with all major rack control interfaces for overfill prevention 
  • Highly accurate level gauging and volume calculations 
  • Low maintenance and long service life 
  • Options for overfill alarms and controls 
  • Hazardous areas approved for use in all areas and zones 

Titan TD Series Gauges are currently in use in a variety of applications in the aviation industry:

  • Jet Fuel (all grades)
  • Avgas (aviation gasoline or spirit)
  • Mogas (standard gasoline)
  • Deicing fluid
  • Diesel
  • Lubricants

Contact us with your application and let us find a configuration of the TD Series that will work for you!