The Titan TD Series is the only mobile tank gauging system with probes specifically tailored for the chemical hauling industry.  We have probe options for use in a broad range of chemicals and acids without fearing corrosion and contamination.

With that pedigree, you can rely on the Titan TD Series no matter the weather or application.  When other systems fail due to stuck floats or just not being built for a mobile all-weather application, Titan’s solid state, guided wave radar based gauge ensures that it will be ready to keep your people, equipment and the environment safe with highly accurate levels and reliable control of every situation.  Titan TD systems normally go 5-7 years without the need for maintenance or service of any kind with many reaching service lives of over 15 years.  This rugged reliability reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) and speeds up your return on investment (ROI) significantly compared to other systems on the market today.

  • The only mobile tank gauging system o with a purpose built, corrosion resistant Hastelloy-C probe 
  • Low maintenance and long service life 
  • 3-year warranty when used in approved applications and includes extreme use (Hydrochloric Acid) 
  • Highly accurate level gauging and volume calculations 
  • Certified for use in hazardous areas 
  • Rack control options available 
  • Options for overfill alarms and controls 

Contact us with your application and let us find a configuration of the TD Series that will work for you!