Titan’s purpose-built TD Series mobile level gauging system is the most widely used mobile tank gauging system for use in crude oil hauling in North America and has been serving the oil and gas industry for more than 40 years. 

No other gauge has this track record of longevity and rugged reliability with over 35,000 installations in all climates from the summer heat of West Texas to the bitter winter cold of the North Slopes of Alaska.

What the system can do for you: 

  • Accurate volume measurements with no need for driver to climb on truck or open hatch.
  • Activate lights and horns, control pumps and valves, based on levels and alarms.
  • Remotely monitor levels and tank activity.

Titan TD Series Gauges are CSA Class 1 Div 1 certified and the Finch II Display\Controller is CSA Class 1 Div 2 certified to allow for use in hazardous conditions including condensate and heavy oil while still giving you the flexibility of mounting the equipment in the most convenient location for your needs.

The TD Series also has the optional RCM (Rack Control Module) which eliminates the need for unreliable optical or thermistor based rack control systems and is fully compatible with terminal overfill prevention systems by Scully, Civacon and others. One system gives you reliable and accurate level, overfill prevention, and rack compatibility.

Titan TD Series Gauges are currently in use in a variety of in fluids:

  • Crude Oil
  • Condensate
  • Fresh and produced water
  • Chemicals, Alcohols and FRAC fluids
  • Waste fluids

Contact us with your application and let us find a configuration of the TD Series that will work for you! 

Titan’s mission is to provide our customers with innovative technology solutions to enable them to more effectively manage their fluid assets. Let’s work together to development a solution that meets your needs.

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