Fuel & Lubricants

Our reliable level measurement solutions meet the safety needs and requirements for customers across North America.


Fuel & Lubricants

Power your business with precision

Our fuel and lubricant monitoring systems offer:

  • Hazardous protection approved for use in all areas and zones.
  • Titan Rack Control Module (RCM) interfaces with common loading rack technology, eliminating common optic and thermistor probes.
  • Highly accurate level gauging and volume calculations.
  • Low maintenance and long service life.
  • Options for overfill alarms and controls.

Our strong aviation refuelling has led to other applications in refined fuels, lubricants, and automotive fluids.

The TD Series also has the optional RCM (Rack Control Module), which is fully compatible with terminal overfill prevention systems. One system gives you reliable and accurate level, overfill prevention, and rack compatibility.

Titan TD Series Gauges are designed for these refined fluids

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Aviation fuels
  • Lubricants
  • Coolants, antifreeze, and deicing agents

Contact us and we can build a configuration of the TD Series that works for you.

Smart Truck Systems

Drive a safe path to profitability

Keep your fleet moving 24/7. Discover the 360-degree view of your trucking data, so you can prevent inefficiencies and accidents.

  • Driver behaviour
  • Route tracking
  • Engine performance
  • Edge sensors
  • Automatic dispatching and routing
  • Validating smart contracts
  • Automatic invoicing and approval

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