Monitor fluid levels in even the most hazardous and violent tank atmospheres with our ruggedly designed gauges.



Built to withstand extreme conditions

Our vacuum truck monitoring systems offer:

  • The most widely used mobile tank gauging system in North America.
  • The most rugged and reliable technology for any condition, including the violent atmosphere found inside a vacuum truck or trailer.
  • No floats or moving parts.
  • Low maintenance and long service life.
  • Digital display.
  • Proven reliable overfill protection, from simple alarms to pump shutdowns, to prevent levels from reaching the trap.
  • Designed to fail in a safe position, preventing overfills and spills.
  • Telematics options for tracking levels, fills, disposals, auto-populated electronic tickets, and more.

Vacuum trucks and trailers present a unique set of conditions that make it very difficult to accurately and reliably gauge levels. Typical mechanical float gauges are not built to work inside a vacuum truck, requiring frequent cleaning and repair.

Titan’s TD Series are reliable in these environments, so much so that they have become the standard for some of the largest environmental companies in North America.

Titan TD Series Gauges are CSA Class 1 Div 1 certified and the Finch II Display/Controller is CSA Class 1 Div 2 certified. They can be used in hazardous waste, including fluids contaminated with chemicals and fuels, while still giving you the flexibility of mounting the equipment in the most convenient location for your needs.

Titan TD Series Gauges are designed for these vacuum truck fluids:

  • Restaurant grease and oil
  • Used oil and waste oil
  • Environmental clean up
  • Produced water

Contact us and we can build a configuration of the TD Series that works for you.

Smart Truck Systems

Drive a safe path to profitability

Keep your fleet moving 24/7. Discover the 360-degree view of your trucking data, so you can prevent inefficiencies and accidents.

  • Driver behaviour
  • Route tracking
  • Engine performance
  • Edge sensors
  • Automatic dispatching and routing
  • Validating smart contracts
  • Automatic invoicing and approval