Titan Logix Corp. April 2023 Service Bulletin

April 2023 Service Bulletin

April 2023 Service Bulletin 

Titan Logix has released firmware updates for the TD100 Transmitter and the Finch II (Finch II, Finch II-W, Finch II-6W) Display.  The firmware updates will enable the following new features:

  1. Maximum supportable volumes – the latest firmware for the TD100 Transmitter and Finch II display allow for accurate measurement for compartment volumes up to 65,535 units up from 9,999. This enhancement eliminates the need to force unit conversions.  The configuration of the strapping table is done via SensorLink. 
  2. Decimal precision – the latest firmware for the TD100 Transmitter and Finch II allow users to configure the number of digits after the decimal point when viewing volumes on the Finch II display. The decimal point precision is set when configuring the strapping table in Sensor Link.  Configuring the decimal points via SensorLink eliminates the need to set the decimal rotary switch on the Finch II. 
  3. Units of measurement – units of measurement (cubic meters, barrels, gallons, liters, etc.) can be set when creating the strapping table in SensorLink. Future Titan Logix solutions will be able to report units to users. 

To take advantage of these new features the TD100 Transmitter must be running firmware version 4.8.6 or later, the Finch II display must be running firmware version 2.7.14 or later, and all configurations must be done using SensorLink 5.5.1 or later. 

There is a programming kit (cable) for the TD100 transmitter (part # SV PROG) and a programming kit (cable) for the Finch II display (part # FINCH II PROG).  These programming kits can be purchased from Titan Logix. 

Error Codes

If error codes E81 or E82 are shown on the Finch II display, there is a problem with the strapping table(s) that have been programmed into the TD100 transmitter(s).  This is caused by creating a strapping table in SensorLink 5.5.1 (or higher) for a TD100 transmitter or Finch II display that is not equipped with the latest firmware.  

Updating firmware on the TD100 transmitter and Finch II display will ensure that level LEDs on the Finch II display will continue to work as expected. 

The following document will outline the steps required to ensure the latest versions of SensorLink and firmware are being used. 

April 2023 Service Bulletin               

Where to Find the Latest Versions

The latest firmware files for the TD100 Transmitter, Finch II display and SensorLink can be downloaded from the Titan Logix website https://www.titanlogix.com/support/downloads/ or through SensorLink by clicking on “Select Latest Version”.