TD Series Transmitter

  • Most Rugged & Long-lasting Gauge in the Industry
  • No Moving Parts
  • No Maintenance
  • Easy to Install & Service
  • Safety & Reliability

Titan TD Series Transmitters

The TD Series transmitters are the heart of our system. Paired with an applicable probe, the system uses guided wave radar (GWR) to accurately measure liquid level. Information is sent to a display and, optionally, to the cloud through our Titan Gateway. The Titan TD transmitters can be used in a variety of optional configurations and components to adapt to your specific application.

Overfill Prevention

Control pumps, valves, and PTOs.

The Titan System can be used as part of an engine shutdown solution providing a FAIL-SAFE system to eliminate overfills.

Safe and Reliable

The TD Series transmitters perform exceptionally well in hostile environments. With NEMA Type 4 certification, the transmitters are protected from the harmful effects of a wide range of environmental factors (dust, rain, ice, water). Additionally, the TD80- Series Transmitter is Class 1 Division 1 certified for use in the harsh and hazardous conditions found on trucks hauling Crude Oil, Fuels, Chemicals, and other fluids requiring this level of certification.

Rollover safety is built in, saving the tank from puncture and fluid from leaking.

TD80 Series Transmitter

TD100 Series Transmitter