Titan Logix in partnership with Pedigree Technologies have created an industry leading supply chain management solution (SCM) that will help customers track and monitor fluids movement while simultaneously helping automate transportation logistics, improve safety and environmental concerns, and improve accuracy across the supply chain from ticketing through invoicing.

We put the right numbers in front of you, measured with unmatched precision, so that you can focus on what matters and make the best decisions for your company.

What We Can Do

Our solution saves you time and operating costs by reducing or shrinking the scrap or overage in your fluid management process. Our advanced technology hardware measures the data from source to destination and our leading-edge software orchestrates and helps manage and track the supply chain across vendors instantaneously.

  • Allows you to view all assets in one location
  • Mobile-optimized interface dashboards for viewing from any internet-enabled device
  • Real-time and historical views and reporting
  • User-selectable email and SMS (text message) notifications and alerts
  • API available for integration with third party apps
  • A browser-based, mobile-ready web interface can be used on a desktop, tablet, or phone with internet access
  • See tank levels, location, history, mapping and much more
  • Get event-based notifications and access to a variety of reporting functions

Smart Battery Module

Titan Gateway