At Titan we are in constant communication with our customers and their suppliers.

Being responsive to our customer’s needs is what guides us daily in the development of smart, efficient, leading-edge solutions to support our customers day to day. When they told us that Supply Chain Management is the single biggest friction point in their operations, we got to work, determined the problem (availability and accuracy of data), and developed a revolutionary way to manage their data. The result: Making you smarter. With data that works. 

Our reliable solutions enhance business intelligence through secure, accurate, flexible, and scalable data management for any industry. 

Mobile Level Management

Titan’s mobile level-measurement solution is used in a wide range of applications and liquids, providing accurate level measurement and control of the volume of fluid in your mobile tank while preventing overfill and spill incidents. 

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Our system is built to perform accurately and consistently in the harshest conditions on highways and back country roads. 

Features include: 

  • Robust and reliable Guided wave radar technology – accurately measures without floats or mechanical moving parts. 
  • Simple installation and operation. 
  • Low cost of ownership. 
  • Long life – we offer a minimum of 24-month warranties on gauges. 
  • Overfill prevention – our system warns the operator when a tank is nearing full and prevents overfilling when combined with our Rack Control Module (RCM). 
  • Designed to fail safely, minimizing cost and preserving your reputation. 
  • Approved for use in hazardous areas – explosion-proof and weatherproof. 

Titan TD Transmitter was used in a crude oil hauler in northern Alberta for 15 years. The tank was taken out of service, but the TD Transmitter, with all its original components, and with little more than an external cleaning, could easily have gone right back into service. 


Modern telemetry for stationary tank gauging is a must for operations not connected to gathering systems. Costly well shutdowns or worst yet, spills from storage tanks can be eliminated with tank monitoring. We can design a custom solution for your application or provide you with a standard solution out of the box as determined by your needs and specifications. 

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We have been providing tank gauging for over 25 years and are’re recognized for our expertise in this area.

Stationary-tank gauging is complex due to the number of possible configurations. It can be a daunting task to determine exactly what you need. we have the know-how and will work with you to determine the best solution for your operation. Let us know how we can help.

Overfill Prevention

Spill prevention is of utmost importance in terms of safety, operating cost, environmental compliance, and reputation.

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Enhance your operators’ safety and effectiveness by providing them with accurate level-measurement tools, rather than using antiquated technology. Our system is reliable, showing you exactly how full your tank is, and shutting the pump off if the operator doesn’t get to it in time, preventing a spill. 

Titan’s highly accurate, TD Series system performs two important functions at once: level-measurement and overfill prevention. This eliminates the need for installing another costly overfill-prevention system on your truck. Our single system provides easy-to-use pump shutdown and spill prevention in he field and overfill prevention at any loading rack.

The Rack Control Module [link to RCM] eliminates the need to have a separate optic- or thermistor-based overfill-prevention system on your truck, when loading at racks or LACT units. Our system performs dual functionality, measurement and control,  saving you the expense and hassle of installing and maintaining another system.

Our solution makes your operation more environmentally and driver safe, with a built-in display and alarms.

IloT Solutions / Data Management

Industry-leading durability and longevity, paired with our trusted telematics platform takes the human touch from the management of the data. The weakest link in any data stream is human touch. Data is prone to inaccuracy, unreliability and error when human hands are involved in the data stream.

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Titan Logix Corp. and Pedigree Technologies have partnered together to combine industry leading hardware with innovative, closed loop data management software, resulting in a revolutionary Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution. Our cloud-based automation measures data with unparalleled precision from source to delivery/disposal and manages and tracks the supply chain and vendors instantaneously.  

We save you time and operating cost by reducing the scrap or overage in the SCM process. Our solution enables you to maximize each load, automates billing (from electronic ticketing through invoicing, getting you paid faster), and increases accuracy and efficiency in the management of your logistics from day to day. 

Take a look at our partner, Pedigree Technologies.

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// Our goal with our solutions is to reduce and in best case remove the human touch in the data path between customer and supplier by providing reliable, accurate data to both sides of the business arrangement. We remove the need for trust in the customer-supplier relationship.

Tell us about what you are looking for and we can guide you to find the perfect solution.