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Display Error Codes

E080 means that the HH alarm level is set too close to the Spill alarm. This usually happens when an offset calibration has moved the level too far down and the display locks and will not move anymore. Reprogramming the TD transmitter is normally the correction for this problem.

This means that the input voltage to the display is below 8 volts. Look for corroded wire connections where the power cable connects. Normally this entails taking the unit in for service.

This usually means that the TD80 transmitter is loose on the probe, Tighten the transmitter so the unit will not turn by hand. Do not over tighten.


Please call our office at (587)-635-0385 or call our Toll-free & 24 hour technical support at 1-(877)-462-4085

Titan is worldwide. Our head office is located at 4130 93 ST NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5P5Q

Contact toll-free and 24-hour technical support at 1.877.462.4085

Please call our office at (587)-635-0385 or email customer service at

Depending on the application, yes, however the transmitter will need to be programmed with the new tanks strapping chart. Please contact customer service at to learn more.

Please call or email customer service and be able to provide the serial numbers for the unit(s) 3 years from time of original sale, but only after being received and inspected by Titan Logix.

Please call our office at (587)-635-0385 or email customer service at

Titan Logix products are available through our distribution, dealer and service provider network. Please call or email customer service for information regarding dealers near you.