Rack Control Module

Designed to prevent overfills

When combined with the TD Series of tank gauges, the Rack Control Module (RCM) is ideal for loading at locations with common optic or thermistor connections.

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  • Compatible with optic and thermistor rack controllers
  • Eliminates unreliable connections
  • Compatible with all TD Series tank level gauging systems
  • Approved hazardous areas (Class I, Div. 2)
  • Monitors up to 2 compartments
  • Bright, easy-to-see LEDs indicate safe loading conditions
  • Weatherproof – NEMA 4

Smart Truck Systems

Evolve how you transport your goods

Prevent catastrophic risks and hazards while driving efficiency in your fleet operations. Our powerful Smart Truck Systems are designed to boost your productivity and profits.

  • Driver behaviour
  • Route tracking
  • Engine performance
  • Edge sensors
  • Automatic dispatching and routing
  • Validating smart contracts
  • Automatic invoicing and approval

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Our technology is built to last. With our extended warranty, you can feel confident that your solution will keep performing for the long-term.

  • Up to 3 years for Titan level gauges
  • 1 year for all other Titan hardware